Boshrouyeh desert

Boshrouyeh desert of khorasan

Boshrouyeh desert in the heart of South Khorasan is one of the most beautiful desert areas in Iran. An area of 5,500 km2 in the heart of South Khorasan, with its untouched natural attractions and resorts, it attracts many deserters every year. Boshrouyeh desert is 20 km northeast of Boshrouyeh and is suitable for hiking in the desert.



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About the Boshrouyeh desert

Other features include proximity to the city and easy and convenient access to services and facilities so that, every year, Desert tourism groups are held in the desert and are of interest to nature lovers. The Boshrouyeh Desert has a dry and desert climate. The maximum and minimum air temperatures at the Bushehr station are estimated at 49 and -27 ° C, respectively.

Boshrouyeh desert is located east of Boshrouyeh city in Razavi Khorasan province. It is bounded on the southeast by the city of Boshrouyeh, on the east by the salt desert of Boshrouyeh, on the north by the city of Kashmar, and on the south by the Kal shour River. The width of the desert at its widest is about 30 kilometers and its length is about 20 kilometers. In the eastern part of the desert, the hills are covered by scattered salts. The highest hills are in the southern region at about 70 meters. 

In the eastern part of the desert, the salt desert of Boshrouyeh is located. From the south it leads to the city of Boshrouyeh , to the west to the village and agricultural lands of Ghani Abad village and Niganan village, and to the north to the desert of Bejestan.

Vegetation and animal life in the desert of Boshrouyeh 

The attractive vegetation and wildlife in the desert of Boshrouyeh is one of the interesting things to note. Boshrouyeh Desert has good vegetation. However, the center of this desert is devoid of any vegetation. But around the desert, especially the northern part of the desert is rich in vegetation. Plants that grow in this area are sandy plants. On the outskirts of the desert are Bashruyeh, along with agricultural lands such as the planet Cumin, Tragacanth, Asafoetida, and Broadleaf plantain, which have medicinal and industrial properties.

The wilderness of Boshrouyeh is also fascinating. This desert is one of the few deserts in Iran where the cat lives. The sand cat is a larger cat than the urban cat. This cat walks easily in the sand with wide legs. The cat lives in the sand fields of Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and North Africa. Other animals living in the desert include horned snake, parsley, agama, jaco and snake.

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Boshrouyeh, South Khorasan Province Iran

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