Caracal desert

Caracal desert of yazd

Caracal Desert near Yazd and north of Tabas is one of the most special and famous deserts in Iran. Caracal Desert is very popular among desert hikers due to its beautiful wildlife and pleasant scenery. Caracal Desert, named after the clever Sani cat living near the dry lands of Bafgh, has recently become a tourist destination for many desert tours.



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About the Caracal Desert

Among the fascinating pastimes you can enjoy in this desert are camel riding, safari, motorbike riding on golden sands, rolling over the hills of quicksand, walking in the palm groves, each of which alone can be a great fascinating and exciting travel plan. You can also stay in the traditional accommodation in this desert and immerse yourself in the starry sky of the desert night. For travelers who are very interested in the beauty and silence of deserts, a trip to the Caracal Desert is highly recommended, the most important achievement of the tourists of this destination is the peace and quiet that exists in this desert. Because this desert is a source of silence and tranquility. The silence of this desert, the starry sky of this desert nights, the unknown and sometimes eerie world of the desert, are just some of the features of this sandy land.

 What seasons should we choose to travel to Caracal?

Due to the very high temperature fluctuations in desert areas, it is better to choose the first two months of the year and autumn for desert tourism. Summers are not recommended for tourists due to high temperatures and winters due to dry and exhausting cold.

Caracal Desert Address

This desert is located in the area of 18 km of Bafgh city and an area called Sadegh Abad. If you want to go to this desert from Tehran, you must first go to Yazd and from there continue your way to Bafgh city and Sadegh Abad village.

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